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Welcome to the The GoCrea8 Hockey League Web Site.

All of the information on the site can be reached from the menu items at the top of the screen.

Recent News Items ...

10th January 2017
Bad weather postponements

With the possibility of night time sub zero temperatures in prospect for the coming weekend and snow in places, clubs are reminded of Rule 11.2 and to ensure early pitch inspections are carried out. If matches are to be postponed, please inform your opposition earlier, rather than later and don't ...
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2nd January 2017

Aberystwyth Uni A team have withdrawn from the League, all results in concerning this team have been removed from De Cymru 2

4th December 2016
West Wilts D withdraw from the League

West Wilts D team have withdrawn from the League, all results in concerning this team have been removed from East Central 2

11th November 2016
Bristol & West F Withdraw

Bristol & West F team have withdrawn from the League, all results in concerning this team have been removed from West Central 3

22nd October 2016
Shirts numbers

Reports have been received of players with no shirt numbers, duplicate numbers or numbers that are so faded as to be unreadable. Clubs are reminded of Rule 9.2:

"In any League match, all players shall wear shirts bearing different numbers of at least 9” in height in the centre of the back of the ...
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26th August 2016
Development Leagues

Following the recent success enjoyed by the GB women’s hockey team at the Rio Olympics it is great to see the emergence in Devon and South Wales of Development Leagues to inspire the next generation of hockey players.

The GoCrea8 Hockey league is fully supportive of these new leagues and the ...
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Fixtures Waiting to be Arranged by Clubs ...

Central 1(Match Number 885)Old Bristolians v Mid Somerset
Central 2(Match Number 1019)Team Bath Buccs E v Minehead
Southern 1(Match Number 0)Okehampton v University of Exeter D
Southern 2(Match Number 1286)Camborne SoM v Bude
(Match Number 1280)Chard v Caradon
South East 3(Match Number 2831)Yeovil and Sh. B v Sidmouth & Ottery D
South West 1(Match Number 2522)Tavistock A v O.P.M. A
South West 2(Match Number 2865)Tavistock B v PGSOB C

Forthcoming Events ...

22nd March 201719:30Leaue committee meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR
25th March 2017Last scheduled date for the end of the 2016/17 season
24th April 201719:30South Area Meeting @ Okehampton Pavilion (Okehampton H.C.) EX20 1GE
Representatives from all South area clubs are expected to attend, failure to do so will incur penalties for the following season.
25th April 201719:30North Area Meeting @ Old Bristolians Clubhouse, Failands, Bristol. BS8 3TQ
Representatives from all North area clubs are expected to attend, failure to do so will incur penalties for the following season.
26th April 201719:30South Wales Area Meeting
Representatives from all South Wales area clubs are expected to attend, failure to do so will incur penalties for the following season.
10th May 2017League committee meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR

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Mobile System for Players

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Weekly Results

Firebrands2-2Cheltenham A
Plymouth Marjon2-2Cardiff Uni
Swansea Uni2-3University of Exeter A
Taunton Vale4-4Truro
Team Bath Buccs A4-1Whitchurch
Cardiff & Met B3-0City of Bath
Isca A0-0Ashmoor
Newent2-6Gloucester City
Plymouth Uni2-3Westbury and UB
University of Exeter B4-2Taunton Vale A
Wotton-u-Edge3-1Team Bath Buccs B
Conference North
Bristol University A1-2Robinsons A
Devizes1-0West Wilts
Firebrands A0-1Bristol UWE
Swansea City2-4Swindon
Whitchurch A3-5Yate
Conference South
North Somerset7-1North Devon
PGSOB2-1Plymouth Marjon A
Plymouth Marjon B5-1Dart
Tavistock6-1Shepton Mallet
Teign4-1University of Exeter C
Yeovil and Sh.6-2Bridgwater
De Cymru & The Marches 1
Cardiff & Met C2-1Bridgend
Cardiff Uni A4-3Leominster
Cheltenham B0-1Ross-on-Wye
Cirencester12-0Aberystwyth Uni
Hereford5-4Bristol & West
De Cymru & The Marches 2
Cardiff Medics6-3Cirencester A
Cleevillians3-2Wotton-u-Edge A
Gloucester City A1-1Whitchurch B
Gwent1-2Cardiff & Met D
Llan. & Caerphilly1-6Swansea Uni A
Stroud12-0Pembroke County
Central 1
City of Bath A4-4Marlborough
Firebrands B11-3Wootton Bassett
Marlborough7-0Sidmouth & Ottery
Mid Somerset2-1Sidmouth & Ottery
Robinsons B2-1Bristol University B
Taunton Vale B0-5Team Bath Buccs C
Westbury and UB A1-2Old Bristolians
Central 2
Bristol & West A9-2Yeovil and Sh. A
Bristol UWE A2-2Chippenham A
Minehead2-4Somerset Gryphons
South Glos.3-1Chippenham A
Team Bath Buccs D3-1Westbury and UB B
West Wilts A0-4Team Bath Buccs E
Weston-s-Mare6-1Bristol UWE A
Southern 1
East Devon2-0Duchy
ECV Hornets6-0University of Exeter E
Sidmouth & Ottery A1-3Okehampton
Truro A1-1Isca B
University of Exeter D4-2Bodmin
Southern 2
Bridgwater A0-4Chard
Caradon4-3PGSOB A
Devonport Services12-0Taunton Vale C
Penzance4-3ECV Hornets A
West Dorset3-4Plymouth Uni A
De Cymru 1
Bridgend A1-3Cardiff Uni B
Cardiff & Met F2-4Swansea City A
Penarth A7-1Cardiff & Met E
Swansea City B2-1Cardiff Medics A
Swansea Uni B2-3Gwent A
Whitchurch C2-1Neath
De Cymru 2
Bridgend B6-0Llan. & Caerphilly A
Cardiff Uni C9-0Whitchurch F
De Cymru 3
Penarth B2-0Swansea City C
Swansea Uni C5-0Penarth C
The Marches 1
Abergavenny4-1Hereford A
Cirencester B2-1Newent A
Gloucester City B3-5Lansdown A
Lansdown B1-8Stroud A
Leominster A2-9Cheltenham C
Wotton-u-Edge B1-3South Glos. A
The Marches 2
Cheltenham D4-2Gloucester City C
Newent B2-0Wotton-u-Edge C
Ross-on-Wye A6-1Lansdown C
Stroud B4-1Cirencester C
Winchcombe3-4Cleevillians A
Wotton-u-Edge D0-14Evesham & Badsey
West Central 1
Bristol & West C0-1Old Bristolians B
Firebrands C4-3Bristol & West B
Mendip5-0Robinsons C
Old Bristolians A2-4Bristol University C
Westbury and UB C2-1Keynsham
West Central 2
Bristol & West D1-6Firebrands D
Firebrands E3-5Mid Somerset A
Keynsham A1-2Robinsons D
Mendip A4-2Robinsons D
Old Bristolians C7-6Mendip A
Robinsons E0-3Weston-s-Mare A
Westbury and UB D0-7North Somerset A
West Central 3
Bristol & West E0-4Westbury and UB F
Old Bristolians D3-5Bristol & West E
Somerset Gryphons A0-5Old Bristolians D
Somerset Gryphons A7-4Westbury and UB E
South Glos. B0-1North Somerset B
Westbury and UB E0-3Firebrands F
East Central 1
City of Bath C7-3Chippenham B
Marlborough A15-0West Wilts B
North Wilts8-0Marlborough B
Swindon A4-3City of Bath B
Team Bath Buccs F5-1West Wilts B
Team Bath Buccs F2-2Wootton Bassett A
Wootton Bassett A3-7Devizes A
Yate A1-2Devizes A
East Central 2
Chippenham C0-1North Wilts A
Swindon B2-2Corsham
Team Bath Buccs G2-1Chippenham D
West Wilts C2-1Shepton Mallet B
Wootton Bassett B2-0Yate B
South East 1
Ashmoor A4-0Minehead A
Bridgwater B1-8East Devon B
Bridgwater C2-15Isca D
Isca C4-0Sidmouth & Ottery B
North Devon A5-2Ashmoor B
Taunton C.S.9-0East Devon A
South East 2
Dart A5-3ECV Hornets B
Minehead B0-4Chard B
Taunton Vale D4-1East Devon C
Tiverton8-1West Dorset A
South East 3
Ashmoor C2-5Taunton C.S. A
East Devon D4-2Sidmouth & Ottery D
Isca E6-0Bridgwater D
Sidmouth & Ottery C4-1Yeovil and Sh. B
South West 1
Bodmin A2-1Plymouth Marjon C
Duchy A8-1Penzance A
O.P.M. A3-0Teign A
Okehampton A1-5Tavistock A
PGSOB B3-0Plymouth Marjon D
Truro B2-1Plymouth Uni B
South West 2
Plymouth Uni C3-5PGSOB C
Tavistock B6-1O.P.M. B
Torbay A5-0Caradon A

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